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About 90˘ of each $1.00 spent on branded goods is wasted on items which contribute nothing to performance.
 commodities  +  mix  +  package  +  insure  +  advertise  +  transport  +  warehouse  +  distribute  +  retail  =  price  

A reasonable alternative is to acquire commodities (active ingredients), mix them and save 90%.
 commodities  =  price  

Cost vs. Price

This site, created by Richard Kunz, a consulting chemist, lists recipes and methods employing:
    1) common actives packaged by others, available universally
    2) commercial actives purchased in bulk, packaged in small, convenient quantities are offered here.

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recipe / method: cost: actives:


glass cleaner 18˘/qt water . ammonia . alcohol
basin, tub, tile cleaner 52˘/qt water. EDTA . quat
hard surface cleaner 44˘/qt water . ammonia . alcohol . quat
toilet bowl cleaner 45˘/qt water . vinegar . quat
toilet bowl cleaner, in reservoir 20˘/mo quat
furniture, appliance polish 48˘/qt water . alcohol . silicone
scented room air “freshener” 25˘/qt water . alcohol . essential oil
refrigerator / freezer deodorizer 5˘/mo activated carbon cloth
odor-free litter 25˘ CBP powder
label remover pennies nonpolar solvent
lint scavenger pennies duct tape
silverware cleaner pennies plastic pan . water . aluminum foil . salt
insect trap pennies plastic pan . water . detergent . UV lamp
drain cleaner pennies lye
dishwasher, end smelly dishes no cost information
gas-tight bags   nylon bags
 Clean Air    
transform furnace to air cleaner 25˘ furnace filter . CBP powder
transform any fan to air cleaner $1.50 activated carbon cloth
transform air cond. to air cleaner $1.50 activated carbon cloth
sanitize evaporative cooler 20˘/mo small plastic bottle . quat
kill mold, mildew 1˘/sqft water . spray bottle . quat
more applications   Buyer Beware!
air science articles        ozone, a poisonous gas: EPA, CU


 As You Travel    
sanitize hands 70˘/pt alcohol . spritzer
sanitize public surfaces 33˘/pt alcohol . spritzer
isolate table silverware no cost napkin
breathe clean air anywhere $1/mask activated carbon face mask
eliminate motel room odors 10˘/night CBP powder
 Personal Care    
clear up acne   provodone
clean, whiten teeth   electric toothbrush . hydrogen peroxide
keep wash clothes fresh   antimicrobial detergent
sanitize hands 70˘/pt alcohol . spritzer
eliminate intestinal gas 25˘/dose activated carbon capsules
clean auto cabin air $1/yr CBP powder . activated carbon cloth
deodorize interior   hydrogen peroxide
polish 48˘/qt water . silicone . alcohol
remove bugs from paint pennies water . baking soda
    Buyer Beware!
     magnetic fuel treatment
 Food, Nutrition    
make good coffee no cost information
best nutrition, lowest cost   staple foods
front entrance cleaner / sanitizer door   water . ammonia . alcohol . quat
silverware coasters   paper
table cleaner / sanitizer   water . ammonia . alcohol . quat
 Pools, Spas, Fountains    

fountain care
test kit sources
pool handbook
pool log template


Buyer Beware!
     bromine and skin irritation
     oxidizers in fountains

 Water Treatment    

taste, odor, color

reverse osmosis

activated carbon
Buyer Beware!
     tricky sales tactics

     magnetic treatment

water testing labs